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Main -> RE/MAX:Custom 2GB Flash Drive (Blue/Silver)

Price: $629.50 Each
Custom 2GB Flash Drive (25 Blue/Silver)

Size: 2 GB

Includes: 25
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RE/MAX® Blue and Silver 2GB Flash Drive Imprinted with your information! Shell consists of Rubberized Plastic Base with Stainless Steel Cover. Great choice for marketing campaigns, generating leads, conferences, giveaways, and more! Store Data, Music, Pictures and even Pre-Load with your sales materials. This is easily one of the most popular and versatile promotional tools you can get for the money.

The versatility and convenience of these Customized Flash Drives leave the customer with a nice data or music storage device that will be used many times, even after the initial impact has passed. These drives make excellent closing gifts for your clients and are also an inexpensive giveaway that leaves a long lasting impact. Pre-Loaded USB Flash Drives are quickly becoming a popular method to distribute marketing and sales materials in a convenient and usable format. Imagine the convenience of taking a tiny device containing your personal listing information wherever you go!

Leap into this new way to distribute your marketing information. The USB Drive goes by a few different names such as "Flash Drive", "Jump Drive", "Mini USB Drive" or "USB Flash Pen Drive", depending on the manufacturer's name. This is easily the most cost effective and hi-tech format which also offers you complete customization of your look and presentation.